PRESS RELEASE: YFLab sponsoring MTB Pomerania maraton

June 13, 2023

Ljubljana, Slovenia – June 2023🤩 We are excited to announce becoming a sponsor of one of the most interesting Polish recreational events MTB POMERANIA MARATON, organized by MH Automatyka MTB Pomerania Maraton!

Sponsoring 2023 edition of MTB Pomerania Maraton

🏆 The best 10 cyclists and 12 best runners will be awarded on the season closure race ( 9/17/2023) our BikeFlare Visio bicycle anti-theft GPS tracker with alarm and KidFlare Lumin kids GPS tracker.

🚴 MTB Pomerania is a series of events that gather recreational cyclists and runners. The annual events take place in Pomerania, Kaszuby, and Kociewie regions. The marathons include many competitor levels. From beginners who prefer short distances, to more experienced cyclists, who like to tackle challenging mountain routes and even children.

🛒 Visitors and competitors will be able to purchase on-site our bicycle and kids monitoring trackers BikeFlare VISIO and KidFlare Lumin.

🔒 YFLab's mission is to help increase the security of cyclists and children, therefore we are happy to support the organizers with our Bicycle and Children safety tracking products.

🔎 Read more about this event at

Rywalizujmy teraz!✊

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About YFLab

YFLab is a Slovenian-based company that specializes in safety and security GPS tracking solutions. Our mission is to help our customers to protect some of the most precious things. Our products include kid tracker KidFlare LUMIN and bicycle tracker and alarm BikeFlare VISIO.

KidFlare Lumin
 52,80 €
 66,00 €
BikeFlare Visio
 142,00 €
 154,00 €
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