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BikeFlare Visio
 129,00 €
KidFlare Lumin
 64,00 €


Flare GPS trackers are mobile devices with integrated SIM card. As such they depend on mobile network coverage for its operation. Integrated SIM card connects to 2G and LTE network in 130 countries providing widest coverage and minimal downtime.

you can choose the preferred package directly within the app.

All Flare users can simply freeze their subscription for two months a year.
no contract
6,40 €
billed monthly
4,80 €
billed monthly
48,96 €
57,60 €
save 15% with one time payment
3,70 €
billed monthly
75,48 €
88,80 €
save 15% with one time payment
Flat rate prices include VAT.
SIM card with unlimited data included.
Manage subscriptions within the app.
Subscriptions can be frozen for two months per device once a year!
After the subscription is canceled/expires, there is a 30 day reactivation period. Reactivation 6€ fee may apply.
KidFlare features included in the price: View location, Friendly zones, Smart notifications, Live tracking, One week history, Roaming/Travel.
KidFlare payable features: All history, No go zones, Custom geofence,
BikeFlare features included in price: View bike location, Bicycle passport, Alert notifications, Live tracking, Roaming/Travel and Bluetooth search.
BikeFlare payable features:  All history, Custom geofence.
Add-on features are charged 0,50 € a month per feature.
Two months per year for all subscriptions
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Icon FLARE partner Magenta
Magenta Telekom is the second largest mobile and fixed company in Austria. It is owned by Deutsche Telekom.
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