Protecting precious

We are developers of purpose built security GPS tracking devices which are sold under our FLARE brand.
We build easy to use smart devices to help protect & secure some of the most precious things in our lives.


We all learn through experiences. Our KidFlare trackers are made to help parents give their kids more independence and not be too worried about their whereabouts.


One of the most frustrating sides of owning a bicycle is a constant fear of theft.

As we could not develop a "bicycle in the pocket minimizing device", we did the next best thing, a BikeFlareĀ VISIO tracker that gives bicycle owners an upper hand when the worst occurs!

We want our clients to know where their bicycle is and when it moves, at all times.

Our partners
Magenta Telekom is the second largest mobile and fixed company in Austria. It is owned by Deutsche Telekom.
Slovenian national automobile association and the largest provider of roadside assistance in Slovenia.
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