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BikeFlare Visio


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E-SIM card integrated
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SAFETY HIDDEN IN THE HANDLEBARS | BikeFlare VISIO is a concealed GPS bicycle tracker and bike alarm triggered by bike movement. A smart system recognizes suspicious movements and sends Bike-Has-Moved or BikeFlare-Alarm notifications. Control the tracker with a free and easy-to-use YourFlare mobile app.

Integrated within handlebars
Long battery life
Basic Monitoring: Up to 2 months; Active Tracking: Up to 14 days; ARM: Up to 3 months
Two year warranty
Limited two year warranty
Friendly subscription
From 2,88 € per month
  • HIDDEN BICYCLE TRACKER AND ALARM WITH A LONG BATTERY LIFE | Bike tracker is snuggled within the handlebars under the grips. It does not rattle and is hard to reach and remove. The battery will work up to 14 days for Active tracking, up to 2 months for Basic monitoring, and up to 3 months for Armed alarm modes. The device is designed and manufactured in the EU.‍

  • FIT INTO STANDARD-SIZE HANDLEBARS | No matter the type of bicycle, do-it-yourself integration can be made on most handlebars with diameters between 17 and 22 mm. Just choose the best o-rings for a tight fit without any rattle.

  • FLEXIBLE AND POWERFUL | Depending on the preference choose between Basic Monitoring, ARM, and Active Tracking operation. The Basic Monitoring mode is the default battery-friendly status. Tracking Mode is ideal when more accurate tracking is needed. Both modes generate “Bike-Has-Moved” alerts. However, for the highest security while parking or storing the bike activate ARM mode. In case of suspicious movement, it will generate a “BikeFlare-Alarm” alert and trigger an audible alarm. FALSE ALERT PROTECTION | System is intelligent and will filter out accidental movements. It will be most sensitive when in ARM operation mode.

  • BASIC PROTECTION ALERT: BIKE-HAS-MOVED | Even if not armed, BikeFlare VISIO always monitors bike movement. Bike-Has-Moved alerts are automatically activated in Basic Monitoring and Active Tracking modes after the bike is still for 5 minutes. Any suspicious bike movement will trigger the Bike-Has-Moved notification. In addition to the Bike-Has-Moved alerts, you can set geofence zones and receive arrival and departure notifications whenever your bike leaves or enters the area (e.g. home, school, work, any other areas, etc.).

  • HIGHEST PROTECTION ALERT: BIKEFLARE- ALARM | Used when parking and storing a bicycle. This is a highest-importance alert that overrides do-not-disturb phone settings. Activate ARM to receive a BikeFlare-Alarm alert on a mobile phone when movement is detected. The integrated speaker will, at the same time, sound alert (audible) or keep quiet (discreet), depending on your setup.

  • ACCESS IT FROM ANYWHERE | Control the device from anywhere, whether you are in the bicycle vicinity or on the other side of our planet (130 countries). Tracker will operate in most of the world including the EU, UK, and USA. It can connect to 2G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT networks for the highest reliability and reach. No additional cost. Pre-integrated SIM is provided by Magenta (T-Mobile).

  • BIKEFLARE SUBSCRIPTION - 6 MONTHS INCLUDED IN PRICE | 6 MONTHS: 4,60 € monthly or 24,84 € (10% discount on one-time payment) | 1 YEAR: 3,80 € monthly or 41,04 € (10% discount on one-time payment) | 2 YEARS: 3,20 € monthly or 69,12 € (10% discount on one-time payment)

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Europe wide
Europe wide
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  • Locating technology
    GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
  • Network coverage
    2G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT. Complete coverage.
  • Subscription
    Six, twelve, and twenty-four-month subscription plans.
  • Mobile app
    Mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Data security
    Data protocols are secure and aligned with EU standards including GDPR.
  • Languages
    EN, DE, PL, FR, IT, ES, RO, HU and SI.
  • Enclosure
    IP54, Weatherproof.
  • Battery
    Basic Monitoring | up to 2 months; Arm | up to 3 months; Active Tracking | up to 14 days
    1100 mAh Li-Po
  • Charging
    USB C to USB A
  • Dimensions
    Single module size:
    cm x
    cm x
  • Weight
  • Warranty
    Two years. One year on battery.
  • Produced
    Made in EU.
  • Safety standards
    CE compliant.
Simple use & tracker activation


Download yourflare app
Scan QR code on the package or download from Google Play/ Apple Store.
Connect the tracker and app
1. Follow the instructions in the package or user guides.

2. Get a feel for the application and make basic set-ups.



View bike location
View bike location
Open the YourFlare app to see the most recent location of your bicycle.
Arm alarm
Arm alarm
Arm the tracker to send an alert in case of suspicious movement. It can be armed with an audible alarm.
Alert notifications
Alert notifications
Receive alert notifications.
Geofence alert
Geofence alert
Set geofence zone (e.g. home) to receive notifications when the bike leaves the area.
Bike passport
Bike passport
Information about your bike at one place.
Live bike tracking
Live bike tracking
Retrieve current location with live tracking.
One week history bike
One week history bike
See all logged locations for up to a week.
Parked Bike Search
Parked Bike Search
Coming soon - Find a bike in outdoor or indoor parking areas with help of Bluetooth signal strength. The operational range is up to 100m.
Global Coverage
Global Coverage
Full operation of the device in 130 countries.
In-app purchase features
Custom geofence
In development - Custom shaped geofence zones.
View complete location history.
ADD-ON Feature monthly fee is 0,5 €
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