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Bike GPS Tracker and Alarm

 129,00 €
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Install-it-yourself bicycle theft security solution based on GPS tracking and movement sensors. It covers most of the flat and drop handlebars INNER diameters between 17-22mm. It is best used for both short and long parking at bike racks, bike bollards, bike lockers, bike lock ups or your own storage. Device is managed with free YourFlare mobile app.

Integrated within handlebars
Integrated within handlebars
Up to 3 months when ARM and 14 days when ACTIVE
Long battery life
Up to 3 months when ARM and 14 days when ACTIVE
Limited two year warranty
Limited two year warranty
From 3,15 € per month
Friendly subscription
From 3,15 € per month

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Europe wide
Europe wide
Germany only
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  • Locating technology
    GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Network coverage
    2G and LTE-M. Complete coverage.
  • Subscription
    One, twelve and twenty four month Flare subscription plans.
  • Mobile app
    Mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Data security
    Data protocols are secure and aligned to EU standards including GDPR.
  • Languages
    EN, DE, PL, FR, IT, ES, RO, HU and SI.
  • Enclosure
    IP54, Weatherproof.
  • Battery
    Active - up to 3 weeks; Arm - up to 3 months; Sleep - up to 3 months
    1100 mAh Li-ion.
  • Charging
    USB C to USB A
  • Dimensions
    Single module size:
    cm x
    cm x
  • Weight
  • Warranty
    Two years. One year on battery.
  • Produced
    Made in EU.
  • Safety standards
    CE compliant.
Simple use & tracker activation


Icon Download yourflare app
Download yourflare app
Scan QR code on the package or download from Google Play/ Apple Store.
Icon Connect the tracker
Connect the tracker and app
1. Follow the instructions in the package or user guides.

2. Get a feel for the application and make basic set-ups.



View bike location
View bike location
Open yourflare app to see the most recent location of your bicycle.
Arm alarm
Arm alarm
Arm the tracker to react to unplanned motion and send alert in such an event. Can be armed with a sound alert.
Alert notifications
Alert notifications
Receive alert notifications including the procedure after move is detected and system is ARMed.
Soft geofence alarm
Soft geofence alarm
Set geofence (e.g. home) to receive notifications when the bike leaves the area.
Bike passport
Bike passport
Information about your bike at one place
Live bike tracking
Live bike tracking
Retrieve current location with live tracking option
One week history bike
One week history bike
See all logged locations for up to a week.
Bluetooth bike search
Bluetooth bike search
Can be helpful to find your bicycle if you are within bluetooth range up to 100m.
In-app purchase features
Custom geofence
In development - Custom shaped geofence zones if circular does not suffice.
Enables full operation of the device in foreign countries.
View complete history of tracker locations.
ADD-ON Feature monthly fee is 0,5 €


Flare GPS trackers are mobile devices with integrated SIM card. As such they depend on mobile network coverage for its operation. Integrated SIM card connects to 2G and LTE network to provide widest coverage and minimal downtime.

you can choose the preferred package directly within the app.

All Flare users can simply freeze their subscription for two months a year.
no contract

6,40 €
billed monthly
4,80 €
billed monthly
48,90 €
save 15% with one time payment
3,70 €
billed monthly
75,40 €
save 15% with one time payment
Flat rate prices include VAT.
SIM card with unlimited data included.
Manage subscriptions within the app.
Subscriptions can be frozen for two months per device once a year!
After the subscription is canceled/expires, there is a 30 day reactivation period. Reactivation 6€ fee may apply.
KidFlare features included in the price: View location, Friendly zones, Smart notifications, Live tracking, One week history, Bluetooth fence, Bluetooth search
KidFlare payable features: Travel/ roaming, All history, No go zones, Custom geofence,
BikeFlare features included in price: View bike location, Bicycle passport, Alert notifications, Live tracking and Bluetooth search.
BikeFlare payable features: Travel/roaming, All history, Custom geofence.
Add-on features are charged 0,50 € a month per feature.
Two months per year for all subscriptions
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