Improving Safety of Kindergarten Kids on their Daily Trips for Prague, District 6 with KidFlare and Data Insights

September 6, 2022


RAPTOR is an EU-funded program, managed by EIT Urban Mobility. These guys are trying their best to stimulate the development of innovative solutions for urban mobility, by connecting young businesses and government organizations.

In this case, Prague District 6 requested solutions that would make kids in their area safer when going on their daily trips. Prague is one of the largest population centers in Europe and District 6 itself has 134 kindergartens and approximately 15.000 kids enrolled in their programs.


EIT Urban Mobility

Prague District 6

KidFlare LUMIN helping chaperones to manage kids (this image is not an actual representation of the solution)


It is a combination of our KidFlare LUMIN kids GPS tracker and traffic safety reflector that works together with the “Flare Kinderguardian” platform for municipalities and kindergartens. There are a lot of benefits if done properly. The main points are

1. Kids Safety During Daily Trips and

2. Capacity to use the insights to improve urban infrastructure and make trips safer!

KIDS - Will carry their “tracking buddy” on day trips and the commute to kindergarten and back. This will improve their safety due to increased visibility in traffic.

CHAPERONES - When going out on daily walks, they will be able to use the “Bluetooth Fence” feature, which will let them know if any kids in the group have left the immediate area. This should make it a bit easier to monitor ca. 38 kids. That is the number of kids, they usually have to handle at once. There should be more respect for chaperones!

PARENTS - Awareness of where their kid is and growth of trust level towards kindergartens.  

KINDERGARTENS - Will be able to better understand PEAKS in COMMUTE and DAILY TRIPS. They will know in detail, what are the peak hours of arrivals, departures, and day trips. They will also gain the trust of their parent.

PRAGUE DISTRICT 6 - They will also be able to understand PEAKS in COMMUTE and DAILY TRIPS, but in an aggregate fashion (including all kindergartens or only selected ones). They will be able to observe, when are kids going on trips, where are they going mostly, where are biggest congestions are, where kids stop, when kids usually arrive/depart from kindergarten, and some more. This information will give them an exact idea of where they need to put attention to improve the traffic safety of little ones.


Helping to make the urban environment safer for kids (and eventually for bikes, and a bunch of other precious things) and using collecting data for the good!

If you are interested in our developments or have any ideas on the topic, let us know!

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