Tracking Your Kids? Are Only Bad Parents Doing It?

April 6, 2022

Consider monitoring kids as temporary assistance

Many parents of primary school children are wondering if it is ethical and overprotective to use a GPS tracking device, such as a KidFlare LUMIN, to track their children. There is certainly a thin line between being a guardian and a privacy intruder and before buying a such product you should think about how you intend to use it. As a rule of thumb, if you consider using the tracker as guardianship support as opposed to monitoring every step of your kid it will probably be a good solution for both.

We believe that in most cases to maintain trust in a relationship with a child, both parties need to be aware of the risks and threats that children face in traffic and general public life. In doing so, several specific factors need to be taken into account that will ensure the safety of children and maintain mutual trust. Parents of minors have the right and often the need to control the child's path in the process of gaining self-confidence and independence.

Education and relationships should never be based on fear, hence, even if you use a tracking device, stay relaxed and allow your child to experience their journey to school or anywhere else as an adventure. Learning about life also includes doing some stupid stuff.

So NO, you are not a bad parent necessarily, you just want to have a bit more control in the volatile world we all live in and wish to give the best shot at protecting your kid! However, make sure you are a guardian angel to your kid and not a full-blown authoritarian.

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