PRESS RELEASE: YFLab Launches BikeFlare VISIO: A concealed Bike GPS Tracker with Audible Alarm

March 25, 2023

Ljubljana, Slovenia – April 2023 – YFLab, an expert developer of tracking safety solutions, has announced the launch of BikeFlare VISIO, an advanced bicycle GPS tracker and alarm.

BikeFlare VISIO is an anti-bike-theft GPS tracker with an audible alarm that reacts to bicycle movement. The device is made for all types of bikes and is concealed within the handlebars. It fits all standard-sized handlebar diameters between 17 and 22 mm. Users will get an automatic Bike-Has-Moved alert after the bike is parked for more than 5 minutes. Or if they want the highest level of security they can manually ARM/activate BikeFlare-Alarm.

Advanced bicycle anti-theft tracker and alarm

While the main reason behind the automatic Bike-Has-Moved alerts is user convenience, manually activated BikeFlare-Alarm presents the highest level of bicycle protection. The latter will have lower false alert sensitivity and send the highest-priority notifications, which will override do-not-disturb phone settings. When activating the BikeFlare alarm user can also choose between a silent or audible alarm.

BikeFlare VISIO - Always know where your bike is. always know when your bike moves
BikeFlare VISIO is perfect anti-bike-theft companion of high quality bike lock

The bike owner has at the disposal three seamlessly connected operation modes: BASIC (battery for up to 2 months), ARM (3 months), and ACTIVE TRACKING (Up to 14 days). In BASIC and TRACKING modes the user will receive a Bike-Has-Moved alert whenever the bike moves. When parking short or long-term users should ARM the device. In this case, bike owners receive a higher-level emergency “BikeFlare-Alarm” alert. The TRACKING mode gives constant and more frequent location updates.

Dikran Tawitian Marketing and Sales manager stated: “While tracking capacity makes it easier to recover stolen bikes or locate misplaced ones, alarm capacity gives a client a chance to deter the theft or react as soon as possible in the best way possible.”

"We're thrilled to launch BikeFlare VISIO," said Andrei Morozov, CEO of YFLab. "We believe that BikeFlare VISIO is the most comprehensive anti-bike-theft solution yet for bikers, providing them with a powerful tool to protect their bikes and have a real fighting chance if the worst happens. The price is great too!"

BikeFlare VISIO operates in 130 countries and is available now on YFLab’s website. The safety tracker is priced at 129,00 € with subscription plans starting at 3,15 € a month.

About YFLab

YFLab is a Slovenian-based company that specializes in safety and security GPS tracking solutions. Our mission is to help our customers to protect some of the most precious things. Our products include kid tracker KidFlare LUMIN and bicycle tracker and alarm BikeFlare VISIO.

KidFlare Lumin
 64,00 €
 66,00 €
BikeFlare Visio
 115,00 €
 154,00 €
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